How to get coin master golden and rare cards for free?

The number of coin master rare cards on your building bucket can easily help you to push towards victory in the game of coin master.

Confused? Well hold on tight, let me take you for a quick guide how some gold cards can increase your chance of winning.

The emergence of coin master had created a deep love in the heart of the gamers. No words other than ” best” comes to their mind. 

The reason behind this is the availability of certain exciting gifts like gold cards, rare cards, pets, free coin master spins and many more.

So, let me first give you a lil introduction and the importance of coin master free cards or gold cards of coin master.

What are the Gold Cards and What important role do they play in the Coin Master gaming?

Gold cards are often referred to those unique and rare cards available in the game which you need to collect in order to complete your collection of cards which will eventually permit you to proceed to the next level.

These rare cards also holds a lots of other bonuses and gifts rather than just helping you to complete your set. Free food for pets, free coins, free spin , levels boom are included in the bonuses you will receive.

Here are some categories to which each of the cards belong:

  • Creatures
  • Beasts
  • Items
  • Pets
  • Sweets
  • Status

Possible ways to get the rare cards in coin master

As suggested from the name itself, a “rare card” . Its definately a card which is hard to acquire. The chances to get the card are much narrowed down.

But few tactics you may try to those rare cards for free are:

Purchase chests:

If you luck favours you, Coin Master game is much more exciting for you. 

The main irony which hides behind this is your luck that may bring you those precious “rare cards” from buying chests in your every village levels.

Trade your chests, can be a good option

It’s you 2nd try for you luck. If buying doesn’t favour you, go for trading some of the chests, which might brings results in your favour. 

Join various coin master communities( there are many) and keep trading chests. That what I would suggest.

How to Get Free Coin Master Gold Cards?

The gold cards though not much rare as compared to that of “rare” one, still you need you luck. Here are some ways you must try to get free coin master gold cards

  • Make use of Facebook to trade cards
  • Make good use of giveways in social media
  • Buy chest every time

Please leave a comment and let me know how these trips and tricks to collect free rare cards and golden cards in coin master worked for you.

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