Coin Master village in details guide for beginners

The detailing of the villages in the coin master are one of the helpful character to understand as a gamer for a easy level up in your gaming. 

Most of the pro  players are quite familiar with it, but the new gamers face the actual problem.

There are few things you must get to know before you begin your gameplay.

coin master

How many villages level are there in coin master?

Based on the dates, May 2021, there are 316 village gaming levels in total coin master gaming. Though the game developers surprise their audience with brand new levels and keep their interest in the game over years.

Brand new villages of coin master

Apart from the addition of the new villages with time, there are top 10 villages in the coin master currently available.

The names of the villages differ with village numbers:

  • 316= Vintage toy shop
  • 315= Bag shop
  • 314= Magic Academy
  • 313=Full Moon party
  • 312= Mexican Resturants
  • 311= Road trips
  • 310= Radio station
  • 309= Crocodile Farm
  • 308= Magic Land
  • 307=Karaoke Room

Steps to check new upcoming village

  1. Tap on the 3 dot available on the top right corner of your coin master gaming dashboard
  2. Tap on the “Map” option in the menu list
  3.  Get the village map available there.

This steps will guide your though all the available village levels and also your current village level.

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