Haktuts free Spins Links for 9th March, 2022

 Being a coin master fan, you must know the importance of coin master Haktuts free spin and coin link in 2021. 


How these reward links enhance your gaming performance and skyrocket your gaming level from lower to the higher one. There are 50 free spin and coins link set updated on a daily basis.

Not only Haktuts coin master today’s link are available here, but you can also claim yesterday’s link just below it.

Though the popularity of the haktuts coin master game is huge in the countries like USA, UK, INDIA, GERMANY and many more countries. Still, you can use these rewards from wherever you belong in this world.

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Haktuts  Free Spins link today- For iOS and Android

The ultimate list for all the updates coin master haktuts free spin link the UK is given below. These links are checked by us and are 100% working.
If you haven’t collected these rewards from these links earlier on other sources, then the links given below will definitely work for you. Best wishes to the gamers out there.
Haktuts free spins link today

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Expired rewards haktuts 2021-free spins

These useful links are readily collected from the social media handles of the respective gaming developers. Usually released every day for the gamers to excite them in their gameplay. Those coin master haktuts 2021 free spins are shared here only to help the gamers for information purposes.

Additional steps to get coin master free spins and coins

Though the working links provided by us, will definitely give you a reward, you can get many more by haktuts spins coin master spins gratis.

Check your Facebook friend list and invite your close friends

Facebook is a place where you gonna have many friends and some of them will definitely be your close friend and get bored from daily works. Check their official page if you want to claim a reward directly else collect from our published reward and start playing.

This haktuts coin master game and the craze for collecting the reward will definitely add some excitement in his/her life too. You might be wondering, how are these gonna help you get rewards? Right?

Let me tell you, you will get rewarded with 40 free spins per friend you invite from Facebook.

But make sure, your friend must be a newbie to this game and must accept your invite request, download and install the game and attach his/her Facebook account with it. Only then you will be eligible for your rewards.

If your friend list is huge on your Facebook, hope you are going to get many rewards soon.

Bidirectional gifting

Hope you are clear with the word ” Bidirectional”. By this I actually mean, to gift your friend’s free spins and coins and in return, your friends will also do the same.

Don’t worry, by gifting you not gonna lose your spins but in reality, you will get blessed with more than 100 spins.

Make your resting time valuable

You might be taking a 2-3 minutes break after an hour of work? Right. If so, you can utilize these 2 minutes after an hour to get a reward of 5 free spins and adding to a total of 50 spins.

Waiting for 10 hours for a maximum spin won’t be much hard for you I guess. (only for 2 mins)

The essentials

Though the basics are already displayed to you on the first startup of your game, still some of the important mechanisms, you might be missing or might have overlooked.

So, I have included those mechanics here for a better understanding of your in your gaming performance and experience.

The main moto or the aim of the game coin master is to spend and obtain coins. Earning or collecting coins have 3 phases including:

1. Collecting coins from the slot machine
2. Attacking your rival’s base and collect coins
3. Raiding your rival’s base and collect coins

A spin on the slot machine is mandatory for performing any of the above-mentioned actions.

Slots Machine in Haktuts 

The heart of the coin master haktuts spin game lies there in the slot machine. The main irony which lies behind this succeeding sentence is that you will be spending most of your time on the slot machine.

To reach the slot machine you simply have to tap on the in-game menu, selecting it or by even swapping down from the village view.

This is also the dashboard where your available number of spins will be visible. The number reaches one each time you spin the slot machine.
After you exhaust your spins, you will need a certain time to regenerate it again and you can do the same.

There are 4 reels with 4 types of symbols. Once you manage to get all 4 symbols in a row, you can get the reward.

The 4 symbols include,

1.Bag of coin
2. Hammer
3. Pig bandit
4. Shield
5. Spin capsule

  • bag of the coin- more coins
  • Hammer- You get the ability to raid opponents village
  • Pig bandit- You can raid the current coin master
  • Shield- This will lower the losses during an attack on your village and protect it
  • Energy capsule-10 free spins


The bag of coin

As clear from the name, “bag of the coin” this component will certainly relate something to your coins. Yes, you are right.
This will get you some coins. Thumbs up
Every coin bag you earn after a successful spin will give you a reward, and you won’t need an entire row for it a well.
Though having a full row will increase your reward amount with 4 bags of coins

Building a Village

You must be familiar with the need for villages and the levels of coin master. The 5 villages you must construct at each level are of utmost.

Moreover, you can move to your next village building only if you upgrade your current village to 5-ratings. This will definitely cost you a coin and it gets far expensive than the previous level you pass through. In total there are 314 villages in total that too with premium and unique themes.

The hammer

Got hammers of the entire row which looks like Odin’s son, Thor’s hammer? Great!
You are ready to go and attack the opponents of your choice.

Moreover, if you are linked with your Facebook account with Coin master links heaven, you can even attack your friend who is also a great fan of haktuts coin master as well.

Else, the game itself will assign a player for you.

The village of the opponent which you gonna attack will be visible in front of you, and you will be provided with the choice of which buildings you want to attack.

It is always recommended to mark a building net which in return will get you a coin reward and reduce the building’s star level.

The raid

You gain the ability to raid the village of a player the system will assign once you get 4 pig bandits in a row. It is usually represented by a bandit mask on a pink pig.

The main difference between attack and raid is that in the case of raid you cannot choose your opponent. Instead, the system will automatically assign you one, whereas in the case of a raid you do have a choice.

At the beginning of a raid, you will be dropped on a coin master’s village. Here in the turning loop, instead of attacking(as done in case of attack), you have to dig holes.

The icon indicating a large X is the point you can dig holes that are usually spread all over the village. You will be provided with 3 shovels to dig holes and after completing your work you will be able to find a significant amount of coins in each hole you dug.

These haktuts spins and coins you acquire came from the coin stash of the victim and are a great way to increase your coin collection.


As such you collect coins from attacking other’s villages in the game, the vice versa is also true. Someone else can also attack your village too and ultimate protection to minimize your damage to your village is provided by the shield.

You can be eligible to have 3 shields at once, which amplifies you can protect your lovable village from 3 opponent attacks.
Having a proper shield in your village will never let your star ratings go down for your attacked buildings.

Remember, this rule is universal and also applies to your attacking terms too. Though you will gain 50k coins, which are usually less the victim’s building won’t go down on star ratings.

Tips and tricks for haktuts Uk coin master

  • Stop your coins hoard

Always spend your coin, wherever you get a chance to upgrade or buy something. The main reason behind this is your primary risk of getting a raid by any of your opponents.

Moreover, without a rhino, you get even end up losing all your hard-earned coin, against a maximum bet raid by your opponent.
The worst scenario can be, your opponent walking out with millions of coins which you have collected and kept in your coin pocket and you got out of shield.

  • Big raids

Saving your spins for raiding big players can be a wise decision for you. This can easily skyrocket your coin earning. Increase the bet amount for an increase in spin bonus.

Also, you should be familiar with the fact that the coin earned from the raid is equal to the coin amount player has on them. So, wisely the best part of getting high earning in less time is to give maximum bet on rich coin masters.

  • It is recommended to buy a chest in each village for haktuts coin master 400 spin link

You must be aware of the fact that a card collection gonna give you bonuses rather than individual cards. So, increase the chest purchase as many as you can before you move on to a new village.

Altogether, it is also advisable to buy lower-level cards at the beginning as they might get unavailable on a higher level, which might give you the problem to complete your collection.

Hope you never want to spend a joker(the rare card) to fulfill the missing one, which you might have acquired in the early level of your coin master game.

  • Save your pet’s bonuses

The 4 hours would be very crucial for you in the boosting effect of your pet activation. If you cannot dedicate your 4 hours to your coin master, I would suggest you try it later and activate it at your ease.

The same rule is also applicable to the rhino pet. You rhino won’t save your base from attack until and unless you assign him to do so.


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