Slotomania free coins link 2022 (Updated)

For the benefit of slotomania fans, we have created this page to help them in their slotomania free coins link collection just after it gets officially published on the social handles of slotomania.

The rewards and coins enlisted on this site, are updated on a daily basis by us to help you collect the free rewards and coins before your opponents get them.

slotomania free coins link


We don’t have any partnership with slotomania, and we are doing these all in our own interest and for informational purposes only.

If you haven’t played this game, what are you waiting for man? Just go to Google play store and install the game and enjoy it. You will notice a lot of your friends are already playing this game. But don’t get demotivated seeing their higher gaming level. You will also reach such a higher level once you start playing and start collecting rewards.

Slotomania free coins Link 2022

Under this section, you may find the relevant links according to the current dates. Make sure you haven’t collected these rewards from other sources, as all the links shared are the same. In that case, it might not work.

  1.  Reward 1 Collect here
  2. reward 2  Collect here
  3. Reward 3  Collect here
  4. Reward 4  Collect here
  5. Reward 5  Collect here
  6. Reward 6  Collect here
  7. Reward 7  Collect here
  8. Reward 8  Collect here
  9. Reward 9  Collect here
  10. Reward 10 Collect here
  11. Reward 11 collect here
  12. Reward 12  Collect here
  13. Reward 13  Collect here
  14. Reward 14  Collect here
  15. Reward 15  Collect here
  • 10-05-21
  • 09-05-21
  • 07-05-21

For further tips and tricks related to the game, you might check the www slotomania free coins:

If you are really new to this slotomania free spins coins game, then the above video might be helpful to you in knowing the game well. Else the links do comes with expiry dates and need to be collected on a regular basis before they expire.

Types of Rewards

There are around 6 rewards you can collect in this game. Namely,

    • Diamond
    • silver
    • brass
    • Platinum
    • sleep
    • royal diamonds

Promotion to other higher levels of your game will gift you more coins, freebies, and gaming upgrdation, which is a moment of great joy for the gamers like us.

If any of the slotomania free coins links 2021 are not working, you are free to write us …. and we assure you to change it as early as possible.

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