Today Gold Rate in Tirupur thangamayil in 2021

A warm welcome to all of you as you came more towards the Gold rate portal which will definitely help you to choose the right decision and invest better. Today Gold Rate in Tirupur thangamayil with proper graphs and past records had been displayed below for your better understanding.

Today Gold Rate in Tirupur thangamayil

We start4ed this in faith to help people choose the path and help people to invest in the right way out there. That’s why we provide you with the graphs charts and past records, whatever you need, is available here.

Today Gold Rate in Tirupur is Rs. 4,434/- per gram and Rs. 35,472.00/- per 8 gram. But if you look at the graphical data, the gold price today in Tirupur on 13th September was the same. It was Rs. 4,434/- per gram and Rs. 35,472.00/- per 8 gram respectively.

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Whereas the highest recorded data in 7 days time frame is noted on 7th September 2021. It was Rs. 4,433.00/- and on 9th September it was Rs. 4,433.00.

Here, 7th September 2021 shows the highest rate for 8 gram 22-carat gold as Rs. 35,792.00/- and 9th September shows the lowest rate of Rs. 35,464.00.

Today Gold Rate in Tirupur

Date 22carat/1g 22carat/8g
14 Sep, PM Rs. 4,434.00 Rs. 35,472.00
14 Sep, AM Rs. 4,435.00 Rs. 35,480.00
13 Sep, PM Rs. 4434.00 Rs. 35,472.00
13 Sep, AM Rs. 4437.00 Rs. 35,496.00
12 Sep, PM Rs. 4440.00 Rs. 35,520.00
12 Sep, AM Rs. 4440.00 Rs. 35520.00

Gold Rate trend in Tirupur

Previous 7 Days

Content Highest Lowest
DATE 7th Sep 2021 9th Sep 2021
RATE Rs. 4,474.00 Rs. 4,433.00

Previous 30days

Content Highest Lowest
Date 28th Aug 2021 16th August 2921
Rate Rs. 4,507.00 Rs. 4,428.00

Previous 90 days

Content Highest Lowest
Date 15th July 2021 10th August 2021
Rate Rs. 4,475.00 Rs. 4,363.00

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