Afk Arena A Flame Reborn Event (Free Talene) & Fortitude terms

Afk Arena A Flame Reborn
Afk Arena A Flame Reborn

AFK Arena a Flame Reborn is nothing but a special event for incorporating the new ascended hero, its hero type, and the New hero for the very first time, Talene- Resurging Flame.

This AFK Arena a Flame Reborn event holds many surprising rewards which even include a free New Hero Talene’s copy. All these are waiting for you.

Additionally, there is a suggestion of teams to defeat Fortitude Forge with 100 floors, which you can find as you go down in this valuable post.

The Tormented Reach

In this event, players will get 50 chances to eliminate the cloud that is covering the map on a daily basis and can gain access to the rewards by unleashing it.

The map should be used by you which is provided below. This will give you access quicker with minimal steps.


  • The Red-colored throne or the Incinerating Throne: It clear the Vines by gaining the power of the Flames
  • The blue-colored Throne or The silent Throne: It clear the Blazing Fire by gaining the power of the Torrent.
  • Inner Demon’s Barrier: Removes the Inner Demons (bosses) after defeating it.
  • Once you successfully defeat a mini-boss or Inner Demon, it will eradicate the cloud that covers the feather or Memory Fragments.


  1. The Tormented Reach Event is available for 14 days. During this Tormented Reach Event players will be able to consume Mental Clarity to eradicate Talene’s Clouds of Doubt and can witness the defeat of Inner Demons.
  2. At sharp 00:00 AM UTC time, The Mental Clarity will be restored on a daily basis with 50 points. However, on the expiry of this Event period, the recycling rate of Mental Clarity will be 1 Diamond per point.
  3. A cloud can be dispelled only when there is no existence of other enemies, obstacles, or other clouds between the player and that cloud.  It will cost you 1 point of Mental Clarity for dispelling and dispellable clouds will get highlighted before.
  4. The surrounding cloud will also get dispelled on the dispelling of the targetted cloud with impassable titles within one tile of the cloud dispelled.
  5. The strength of the player is the basis of his/her enemy’s strength. However, during this event, the strength level of the Enemy will remain unchanged.
  6. In total there will be 7 inner demons. To acquire the awesome rewards player has to tap on the progress bar final point once they have destroyed all the inner demons.


Fortitude Forge

  1. Every day a player in the Fornite Forge does an attempt to challenge a higher difficulty as compared to their own and it will get them a treasure chest as a reward. Uncollected rewards which are being obtained by the player will be sent straight into the inbox of that player on the following day.
  2. The hero Levels will be defined to 300, in the Fortitude Forge. However, the rest including the Furniture, Equipment, Eternal Engravings, and Signature will remain unchanged.
  3. In Fortitude Forge, you cannot use Mercenaries while engaging.
  4. In Fortitude Forge, every hero being engaged will receive Talene’s protection effect.
  5. There will be 3 rounds in the Fortitude Forge which last for 5 days, 5days, and 4days respectively. In each round, the effect of protection will change though.
  6. Players in Fortitude Forge will have the choice to choose the difficulty of their engagement. Additionally, there doesn’t exist any limit defining how many times a challenge can be undertaken.
  7. On completing a specific difficulty and level quests a player can gain rewards in the Fortitude Forge on the “Individual Rewards” page in the ongoing event.
  8. Your Real-time ranking will be determined by counting all your highest current difficulty challenges which are successfully completed among your total challenges. At the end of the session, your final ranking will be revealed in the Fortitude Forge.
  9. The rounds in Fortitude Forge are independent and players will gain Fortune chest as rewards on the basis of their highest rankings of Guild Members.

Fortitude Forge Round 1 Team Formations

Difficulty: Abyssal 100 Floors

AFK Arena a Flame Reborn

Temple of Time

The Stargazer and Time Emblems sections are almost similar but the Time Emblem section is used to summon Awakened Heros, Legendary Gears, Emblems, and more.

AFK Arena a Flame Reborn
AFK Arena a Flame Reborn

The chance of Diamonds rewards can also be acquired from the Summons.

The Awakened hero chosen by the player is consistent with the prize pool hero.

I hope you enjoyed this AFK Arena a Flame Reborn guide, keep visiting for more.


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