Afk arena voyage of wonders guide 2022: The Foreboding disaster

Afk arena voyage of wonders guide
Afk arena voyage of wonders guide

This post is dedicated to the Afk arena voyage of wonders guide and queries players have in their minds.

Voyage of Wonders: In the AFK Arena, the Voyage of wonders is an important and interesting event. This event brings fresh air into the game and lots of valuable rewards, tricky puzzles, and lots of uns to its players while they tend to discover the mystery of various maps.

The Icy Garden map is live on the game’s official server from the date 9th January. However, before this date, the map was running on the test server of AFK Arena. For beating the map easily and with speed have a look at the map with in-depth detailed and guidance which we have provided.

Afk arena voyage of wonders guide: The Foreboding Disaster

  • It is live on the official server from 9th January
  • Make use of a weak hero in step 2 as you will have to lose it.
  • To clear the fogs collect the feathers to clear it and open the way to Talene through Teleport.
  • Gather all the small chests ( excluding those chests which are protected by Permafrosy) before you move on acquiring the final chest, as the whole map will be cleared once you defeat the final boss.
  • On 22nd September at 9 ‘o clock the small chest will be available which will be protected by a red laser.

AFK Arena Voyage of Wonders Guide


The gameplay of Peaks of time and the Voyage of Wonders are almost similar. It is because in both the events you are engaged in mini-adventures throughout the whole map by defeating enemies, solving puzzles, and gathering relics ( collecting relics will strengthen your team), and on the go, you will definitely gain lots of valuable rewards.

The period of this Voyage of Wonders Event is for 14 days only. It will remain closed for some weeks before it again gets re-opened.


  1.  Once the event undergoes, you need to explore the world and gather an assortment of loot and lots of valuable rewards.
  2. At the end of each battle, the energy levels and health of enemies and heroes will not get reset.
  3. The hero’s on the attacking side will get completely wiped out once the timer of the battle ends.
  4. Players though can restart the adventure on their wish at their desired time, However adventure reset will turn all enemies and heroes to their original state. Continue it until you discover the appropriate path to defeat the event.
  5. The enemy strength is wholly based o the strength of the player himself. In the ongoing event, the strength level of enemies will remain unchanged. This will add a plus point for you and a negative point to the AFK Arena’s most powerful player as he has to experience a hard time in the event finishing.
  6. The Events rewards can only be collected once per event.

All Voyage of Wonders Maps

The Icy Garden
  • To go to the other side you need to step on the one-way track.
  • To change the direction of the slide, pull the lever.
  • Remain focused to acquire the big chest only in the end else you won’t be able to return.

Land of Frozen Lakes
  • Stepping on the tile of ice will make you slide right away.
  • Avoid attacking Estrilda’s and Cecilia’s team or you are bound to go to jail.(excluding step 13)

The Road Home
  • Discover the track which is missing to fix the railroad and bring back all the villagers to their very old hometown.

The setting Sun

The Forgotten Frontier
  • You need to join the beacon with the crystals to light it up via the blue and red lines.
  • Make use of the Orb to change the color of light. The Red/blue line should be connected to red/blue light.
  • CW= Turn it clockwise
  • ACW= Turn it Anti-clockwise.

Demonic Incursions

Gold Rush
  • Once wrizz gets hit by the cannons, it will move to the next chest.
  • Place the fake chest to  the spot #8 by turning Wizz and using the cannon to kill it (#10)

The Sealing Sword
  • The #9 boss is undefeatable and you should keep it in mind.
  • Just attack it with the help of any team you wish.
  • In step 10 all your defeated heroes will get revived.
Lost in the Wild
  • The grid row at the bottom will get removed every time you place your step on it.
  • The Final Boss is easy so just relax.
  • You won’t require all the relics to defeat it but it would be helpful to strengthen your team.
The Final Night
  • The Map of the Voyage of Wonders is part of the Island Solitude event.
  • To get the rewards all the players need to solve a few puzzles.
  • Follow the map provided to solve it easily.
The Forgotten Ruins
  • Make use of the light beams to light up the present structures and lower the platforms respectively.
  • The boss in the final stage is the strongest. You will be able to beat him with the standard Ainz team.
  • Plus point is that you don’t need to worry about some of your wrong moves as you don’t require to restart the map.
Ancient Seal
  • To open the #31 gate make sure you have gathered these 3 required stones at #20, #26, and #29.
  • At #9 you need to pick up the relics suitable for the composition of your team.
Ice Isles
  • It will be available on June 20
  • Here you will be unable to get back once you go to the next island, so make sure you have destroyed all the camp and collected the deserving rewards.
  • Here you should protect the fire monster from the ice monster.
  • And get the fire monster to #37 final island as well.
  • Keep in mind, you have to reseat the map if the fire monster dies.
Void Rift
  • After you pass Step 1, make use of Moreal in your team to easily defeat your enemies at a faster rate.
Price of Rebirth
  • Once you are teleported to the new island, you will be unable to go back.
  • Be cautious about the Tornado, any wrong moves can cost you to restart the map again.
The Hunting Trail
  • Triggering #18 before step 15 will cost you to restart the map to collect the final chest.
  • Gather all relics and then attack the final boss and defeating him is quite easy.

Art of Conquest Guide

  • For easily defeating the final and mini-bosses you need to pick the best relics.
  • All your acquired relics will be removed every time you defeat a mini-boss.
  • Before facing the final bosses you need to face and defeat 3 mini-bosses.
  • Avoid using ultimate while fighting normal battles to save to fight the final boss.

Roamer’s Rhapsody Guide

  • Players begin this journey with no available heros.
  • Move to each camp of the faction to make heros in this sequence. Wilder > Lightbearers > Maulers > Graveborns
  • In this map the Hypogean/ Dimensional/ Celestial heroes are unavailable.
  • Wilder, the faction once get unlocked keep in mind you need to take help from your friend by hiring 3 wilder if your wilder team is not strong enough.
  • You can move to #41 and challenge the final boss once you have unlocked your heroes.
  • Defeating the camps of enemy and boss is very easy, you will hardly face any problem in defeating them.

The depth of time III

  • Make sure you run the map fully 4 times to collect all the possible rewards.
  • The main interest you will find is in the storyline. It consists of 4 endings. The moto is simple, ” Change the past to change the future”
  • Your wrong moves can urge you to reseat the game and start from the beginning again.
  • The final boss of the enemy is quite easy to defeat. Collect all the relics before your finally jump to defeat him.

The Fractured Gallery

Blighted Highlands

Fields of Ice



The arid Badlands

The snowy Frost

Tempestuous Twisters

Bridge of souls

Deathly Marshylands

The Realm od Denial

Cinder Grottoes

The dusty Barrens

Mirael’s Nightmare

The sandy Tracks

Windfall Gorge

Track of the Sands


The depth of Time 2

  • Avoid collecting the gift that lay next to step 6. One big chest will be blocked.
  • The right side cannons present there are unworkable. From the left Cannons, you need to recharge them with fire.

The Hazy Timberland

The Frozen Hinterland

The Howling Wastes

The forest Edge

Trembling Highlands

Frozen Ground

Here the Ice monster is vulnerable and attacked with fire. Your aim here is to make use of the frozen torch to force the Ice monster to move and make the tiles of water frozen to capture the monster there.

The Frozen Pass

To defeat #28 and reveal the path which is hidden here, you need to put Vurk in your team.

The Frosted Expanse Map

Fields of Stone Map

Make use of the user to open the path and this map is normal and straight forwards.

The Forgotten Mine Map

Al the battles against the Nara teams are the hardest fight on this Map. Avoid them at all costs as you will be defeated by them and wipe them with the use of Magic Turret.


This is a list of rewards that you can gather from the latest event of Voyage of Wonders. The special card gives you the opportunity to get an Elite hero from a specific faction.

Fun Facts: The Voyage of Wonder’s current spot was earlier used in Dura’s trial named building. However, ti was removed by the developers before it was released in the global AFK Arena server.


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